3-Year Vision and Goals

(to December 2022)

1. Singing joyfully for pleasure and for the delight of others,
Malvern Male Voice Choir:-

• rehearses with its Director about 40 weeks of the year
• regularly sings for pleasure under the baton of choir
• delivers public concerts
• socialises together though out the year
• engages with the community by performing at private
• actively supports and engages with other charities.

2. Community: Maintains a presence in the Malvern community
by improving our communications and involvement in and
around Malvern.

3. Capacity: Sustains efforts to recruit singers including younger

4. Charity: Periodically considers in Committee:-
a. are we doing enough for our members?
b. are we doing enough for charity?
c. are our charity targets, the right ones?

5. Partnering with other singers and Musicians: Maintains links
with some other singers and musicians to enable us to perform
together from time to time.

6. Funding: Explores sponsorship, grant-aided and other funding

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