Forthcoming Concerts

Saturday 3 March 2018 – Annual Concert with Cancer Research UK (Malvern) – 7.30pm, St Edmund’s Hall, College Road, Malvern.

Saturday 28 April 2018 – Concert with Launceston Male Voice Choir – 7.30pm, Malvern Priory.




10 thoughts on “Forthcoming Concerts

    • Hi

      I am the secretary of the Malvern Male Voice choir and I have been tasked to contact you to find out more about the festival that you are to hold in 2015. The general idea of your concert has been greeted with some interest here and we would like further details please – such as what / where would we be expected to sing and over how long a period? Any pointers would be helpful.

      Please get back to me and I will feed back to my members.

      Cheers for now.

      Peter Lawes (Malvern Male Voice Choir)

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  4. The Flyer for your concert @ St.Edmunds Hall on 16th April states a starting time of but on your website you say 7,30. Which is correct please?

  5. Hi, Barnard’s Green Christmas event 3rd December, so sorry to ask but please could you let me know if you have already been asked to perform, we have some confusion on who has been approached! Many thanks, Andrew

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