Songs sung in support of Cancer Research UK

A packed St Edmunds Hall in Malvern seemed delighted with the latest of our annual concerts in aid of the Malvern branch of Cancer Research UK, entitled “Song to the Moon”.

The programme from the male voice choir touched many bases, ranging from Bach’s Ave Maria through ‘When I’m 64’ to the always rousing ‘There is nothing like a dame’.

The audience were treated to some fine singing from the Somers Park School Choir, particularly of choir leader David Cowell’s pieces from his collection ‘West of the Moon’. The youngsters also joined in with the oldies, and the audience, in looking forward (backward?) to being 64 !

Afterwards David Cowell told us “23 children mostly aged 7-9 sang here, with many of their parents in the audience, and they thoroughly enjoyed this novel experience, and seeing and hearing another choir and a vocal soloist.”

But perhaps the highlight of the evening was the magnificent voice of award –winning soprano Emma Burrows, especially the beautiful Song to the Moon by Dvorak.

Ray Worth, the Malvern Cancer Research Chairman, gave warm thanks at the end of an enjoyable evening to all who had made it possible. He said that the singing had brought back to him wonderful memories of the first time he realised the joy of singing – taking a long train journey through Norway youth hostelling as a young man, when the multi-national occupants of his carriage had entertained themselves singing.

Ray took the opportunity to point to the recent award of a special certificate to his Local Committee by Cancer Research UK, in recognition of their  achievement of having raised £650,000 in funds over the years.

Sneak peek! The next concert by MMVC will be:
Saturday 7 May at Mathon Church, Mathon Rd – 7.30pm
[tickets : 01684 541943/ 01886 880711, or on the door]

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