A Feast of Music at the Beginning of Summer

As the sun shone, and Summer seemed finally to have arrived, Christchurch in Malvern was filled with the sound of music last Friday, as Malvern Parish School, Vox Rox, Malvern Male Voice Choir and a whole host of young soloists came together in support of Malvern Special Families.

The programme was as varied as the performers themselves, including a number of songs from the shows (If I ruled the World, My Favourite Things, Rodgers and Hammerstein Medley, My Favourite Things), traditional folk and gospel melodies, and soul and Rock classics (Mustang Sally, Hallelujah, Unchained Melody). The breadth and balance of the concert as a whole was particularly praised by Male Voice Choir Secretary and conductor for this concert, Nick Hewlitt, who also thanked the performers of the male voice choir for their hard work and encouragement to him as he took up the baton for the first time in a number of years!

Alongside the Male Voice choir’s musical offerings, the audience also enjoyed performances of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in D Major and Ridiculosamente (No. 10 from Visions Fugitives) by skillful young pianist Hayden Philips and Debussy’s Syrinx and Fauré’s Fantasie Op.79 by talented flautest Grace Higgins. The talent and musicality of the young performers in this concert, also including Malvern Parish School and dazzling violinist Thea Wilson were singled out for praise by second bass Julian, who noted that: “the concert was great, and the young ones were brilliant – they all did very, very well.”

As well as providing a platform for local performers, and a joyful musical experience for all, this concert was all about supporting the work of Malvern Special Families in its work to provide play services, clubs and activities which allow children and young people with disabilities to access social clubs that will help them develop as people.

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