What Would I Do Without My Music?

A Concert in support of Cancer Research

St. Edmunds Hall 2014 Poster

Malvern Male Voice Choir will be singing on the 5th April in St Edmunds Hall, College Road, Malvern in a fund raising concert in support of Cancer Research entitled ‘What Would I Do Without My Music’. The event will include a wide selection of songs ranging from 1960s hits, musical showstoppers to Welsh standards and English and French classics.

The soloists will be Emma Burrows (soprano) who is returning to sing with the Choir and Michael Blake (piano) who is the Choir’s accompanist and is currently studying at the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music.

Charles Pavey, the Choir’s Musical Director said “The St Edmunds Hall concert is one of the regular highlights in Malvern Male Voice Choir’s year. The Choir has a very strong relationship with the local committee of Cancer Research UK and having the opportunity to support it is of great significance for both the choir and me personally.”

The concert will support the local committee of the world’s leading cancer charity, Cancer Research UK. The organisation relies entirely on public support, receiving no funding from central government. The local arm is one of over 900 groups from around the country and has raised in excess of £500,000 since 1962. Malvern Male Voice Choir has supported the Local Group for approaching 10 years and is very pleased to continue to do so in this its 92nd year of singing.

The concert is at St. Edmunds Hall, Malvern College, College Road, Malvern on Saturday 5th April and starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £9 (under 18’s – £5) to include light refreshments, and can be purchased in advance from 01684 892772.  Any remaining tickets can be purchased on the door from 7.00pm.

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  1. Hi All, I am wondering if you would like a bit of poetry to one of your concerts with the chior giving some backgound music. I don’t know if you have tried this before, but I am willing to give it a go at one of your rehearsals with one of my meaningful poems. If you wish to try this at the next concert, I am willing to donate a book to a draw as well as buy a ticket.   Kind regards   Tim


    1. Hi Tim

      Good to hear from you again – and very interesting to hear of your adventure into poetry. Sounds like something we might want to try to include in the future, but not immediately as we have all our imminent concerts pretty well in hand. Would it be all right with you for us to get back to you when we have a slot? And do you charge a fee?

      Cheers for now.

      Peter (Lawes) Secretary Malvern Male Voice Choir

      1. Hi Peter, I am wondering if you have had any more thoughts on me reading with your choir’s backing at the Remembrance Sunday in November? I have been giving some thought to the charge fee and feel that if it is for charity, I am prepared to waver. However, if the choir are getting something, a contribution will be appreciated, possibly the same as each choral member per song as to me per poem? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

        Kind regards


      2. Hi Tim

        Good to hear from you again. I am truly sorry that I haven’t got back to you before now as I did put your suggested contribution to our choir committee and it was decided that I should contact you to say that we have all we need now for Remembrance – this was installed while you and I were discussing possibilities. I truly thought that I had e-mailed you to that effect – but if I didn’t, I’m really sorry. So let’s keep in touch – as I’m sure we will get together on some occasion.

        Cheers for now.


      3. Hi Peter,
        I have just logged onto Word Press, which I do not log into very often. I have just read your letter to me and must inform you that I didn’t receive your email, regarding reading with your choir. It was a shame, but never mind. Just let me know if your committee decide on another event next year.

        Kind regards


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